Introducing the Alpha Outerwear Collection

Alpha backcountry snowmobile gear!

In collaboration with Motorfist, we are proud to present our newest line of backcountry snowmobile gear.

If you ride the backcountry then you know Mother Nature will do her best to try and beat you down. From tree branches to bottomless snow and varying temperatures, she shows no mercy. The durability, breathability, and flexibility of the new Alpha snowmobile Jacket, Bibs and Monosuit will fend off anything Mother Nature can throw at you.

Difference Between ATV and UTV trail riding The difference between ATV and UTV Trail riding

Being in the outdoor adventure industry for as long as we have, we are asked to explain the difference between ATV and UTV trail riding often. We love this question and always look forward to helping our loyal customers make informed decisions regarding their adventure activities!

Why The MX AirCat Helmet Is One Of The Best!

Why the MX AirCat Helmet is one of the best

Whether you are new to snowmobiling,  on the search for the best gear, or a seasoned veteran, the importance of a quality helmet can’t be overstressed. With many snocross MX helmets out there, our MX AirCat Helmet is definitely one that you'll want to remember before your next snowmobiling adventure!

Qualities To Look For In Snowmobile Boots

Qualities to look for in snowmobile boots

Across the sport of Snowmobiling, we see many riders getting injured in accidents that could be avoided had they been wearing a good pair of snowmobile boots.

2022 Arctic Cat Lineup

2022 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Lineup

Created in 1962 by Edgar Hetteen, Arctic Cat has revolutionized the game of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and winter gear for the past 60 years. Although the company’s name has changed, our community continues to be tight-knight, passionate, and one that we are incredibly proud to be a part of.

11 Best Places To Go Snowmobiling in the US

11 best places to go snowmobiling in the US

If you are on the hunt for your next winter vacation but are looking for something a little more adventurous than a log cabin overlooking a snowy mountain, look no further. The scenic landscapes and ethereal groomed trails found all across North America make for the perfect snowmobiling travel destinations.

How to Keep Goggles from Fogging

Goggles serve a critical role for outdoor enthusiasts regarding both their safety and comfort.