Arctic Cat Gear Makes Outside Fun Again

In the old days when Arctic Cat began building big, snow rippin’ snowmobiles like the still ranked #1 - 1967 Panther, winter gear was bulky, clunky, and cumbersome. Snowmobile suits were stiff and not offered in colors complementary to your sled and gear. Snowmobile boots were heavy and challenging to walk in with liners that always got wet and never seemed to dry. Thank goodness those days are gone - at least the cumbersome, wet, clunky part.  Arctic Cat decided to change all that. Welcome to dry, moveable, quality comfort in outdoor gear.  Welcome to Arctic Cat Store.

The new Arctic Cat Gear Store has winter accessories to make you love not only winter but the rest of the seasons all over again.  We have custom designed and engineered everything from Arcticwear jackets to snow socks for maximum comfort and durable wear. We get outside ourselves, and we know how important dry and windproof snowmobile gloves truly are to your hand’s health and comfort.  We know that quality men’s and women’s snow pants, jackets, and base layers keep you out riding longer. Our snowmobile helmets meet and exceed industry standards and look sharp whether you are hitting the trails or mountains. Your kid’s snow gloves will keep their hands warm and stay dry longer, thanks to our attention to engineering and design. Arctic Cat believes in fun and comfort, with safety and good design always in mind in every outdoor gear product we produce. Come browse - we think you will agree!

Shop New Gear, Seasonal Clearance – Arctic Cat Store Has Your Winter Accessories

Arctic Cat has all our customers in mind, from new riders to seasoned professionals. Whether you need snowmobile goggles or a new pair of men’s snow pants, we have a wide selection to browse. You can find extra comfort in women’s ski bibs and men’s Arctic Cat jackets that stand out for hours of riding.  When outfitting children, warmth, mobility, and comfort are key. We have a great selection of youth jackets, bibs, gloves, and helmets. We know that snowmobiling, snow biking, or having fun on an ATV is an investment that makes memories, and we believe in providing top quality merchandise made specifically for you at great prices. We also like to pass on savings when we can, which is why you will find season clearance on men’s, women’s, and youth gear on our Arctic Cat Sale pages. So when you take your gear out for the year and realize you need an upgrade, come to the Arctic Cat Gear store and check out our fantastic styles and quality gear for a new year of riding memories!

Arctic Cat Apparel – The Perfect ATV – UTV – Side-by-Side Clothing

Some things just feel like fall, deep woods, or hunting season. There is something about the outdoor lifestyle that makes you truly appreciate a solid, reliable ATV, UTV, or Side-by-Side vehicle for those longer outings and deep wood adventures. On days when you hit the trails, our men’s, women’s, and youth base layer options will be perfect to keep you cool, while protecting you from the sun with 50+ UPF protection. Check out all the Arctic Cat clothing we offer, with specially designed and engineered items made to make your ATV riding safe and enjoyable.

It’s an Arctic Cat Thing

If you are a new visitor to our site, we thank you. Many of you, though, probably have been fans of Arctic Cat for many years, enjoying our high-performance snowmobiles and other outdoor adventure equipment. Arctic Cat owners like to show off their loyalty, and we have just what you need to let people know the quality you expect to get from your ATV or snowmobile. New Arctic Cat gear is coming out all the time, from Arctic Cat sweatshirts and Arctic Cat hats to clothing for our junior explorers – Arctic Cat Kids clothing. Our custom designed and engineered branded outerwear and layering articles let you show your pride around the bonfire, in the ice shack, or after a smooth ride through fresh powder. From men’s graphic tees to full-on Arctic Cat jackets, you know you are getting quality, custom engineering, and clothing designed to hold up and keep you comfortable in the most extreme conditions. And if you get to have some bragging rights along the way, well, hey, that kind of goes with leaving them in your tracks.

Welcome to the new standard in outdoor adventure gear aimed at snow and dirt riders. We are proud of the long heritage Arctic Cat has in the Northwoods, and anywhere a new track can be laid. Look at the winter accessories and dirt gear that will make that new adventure more comfortable, safe, and memorable. Shop Arctic Cat Gear today!